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S. Security (HK) Limited is a high-end manned security guard company in Hong Kong delivering the highest level of manned security services to both public as well as private premises in the country. We are committed to providing the best price security guard services to our clients –tailored as per the specific requirements and budget of our clients.

We are a leading, forward-thinking security guard company ensuring the highest standard of security services through the professional excellence of our security guards from all around. At T. S. Security (HK) Limited, we follow a strict pre-screening process of the security guards to employ the best-in-class team of highly qualified and trained security guards in our organization. We follow a thorough, step-by-step selection process for recruiting the experienced security guards towards delivering maximum security to our clients.

Our comprehensive selection process follows a strict pre-screening methodology in the security industry to deliver the best results. We conduct the following:

Step 1 –Quality Check

The delivery of top-class quality services is the ultimate principle of our security management system. The Quality Policy statement at T. S. Security (HK) Limited follows that all the specific security, as well as regulatory requirements,are fulfilled. We also aim at adopting a systematic approach to developing, implementing, and improving the overall effectiveness of the quality management system of our security guard services. We are committed to ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction by meeting specific customer-centric security needs. To ensure the objective of quality standards being met, we undergo a strict pre-screening process of the security guard training for the best results.

Step 2 –Training

S. Security (HK) Limited understands the importance of effective security guard training to the security personnel. Therefore, we conduct a comprehensive session of in-depth security orientation at the time when the security guards are hired. We also aim at regularly exposing them to an ongoing, advanced security training program through their employment.

Security guard training includes attending training classes of effective patrol techniques, accessing control procedures, understanding different alarm systems, communication systems, and demonstrating different security equipment for performing the job efficiently.

Step 3 –Safety

Ultimate safety of our clients round-the-clock is our end motto. T. S. Security (HK) Limited is committed to ensuring the top-notch safety of the public as well as private premises through the delivery of professional, best price security guard services to the clients all across Hong Kong. Our Safety Policy Statement follows the principles of providing a safe working environment to the employees, safety guards, and the sub-contractors. This is done to ensure that all the security operations are carried out in a safe, efficient manner. We always aim at placing the safety of our employees as the topmost priority. Additionally, we also ensure the safety of the public and the third parties involved as well.

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